Year 2018, UIN Walisongo Will Build 8 New Buildings

Semarang – At Early February 2018, the State Islamic University (UIN) Walisongo planned will build eight new buildings in campus III, among them; rectorate building, Planetarium, Library and ICT, Integrated Laboratory, Faculty of Syari’ah and Law, Faculty of Social and Politic, and Faculty of Science and technology. It was delivered by Rector of UIN Walisongo Prof. Dr. H Muhibbin MAg on Saturda y, (9/12) in the Evaluation  Meeting of 4 in 1 PIU UIN Walisongo Program  .

Prof. Dr. Muhibbin MAg said, After transformed be University , UIN Walisongo seriously complete supporting infrastructure for academic activities by adding physical  infrastructure, laboratory and other academic equipments.

“These Eight international standard new buildings are a financial support from IsDB (Islamic Development Bank) centered in Jeddah,” he said.

Constructions of the eight new buildings are part of the scheme of The Support to Quality Improvement of the Islamic Higher Education Project or development project of UIN Walisongo Semarang.

The Buildings are Integrated Library, Integrated Laboratory, Planetarium and Observatory, Rectorate Building and Four Faculty buildings. Musahadi said the four faculty buildings will be built as consequences from development of new Faculties; those are Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business, Faculty of science and Technology, Faculty of Social and Political Science and Faculty of Psychology and Health.

Chairman of PIU UIN Walisongo, Dr. Musahadi said the project design already done on end of March 2017, election contractor already run 24 participants registered and 9 participants filed deals, result of evaluation already done on December 8 , 2017.

He said that the success of that depended on smooth document processing Approved by IDB. The result of selection already deposited to IDB, later IDB will determine the winner of the tender. Plan contract will signed 2018.

“We predict if it runs smoothly, January 2018 it can be signed by the winner of the tender. Soon or not depends on IDB”,  Musahadi said .

He added the budget of the creation fund for the eight buildings given by IDB as Loan or Grant Outside Country (PHLN) for some Islamic universities in Indonesia.

“Table, chair, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and etc are from government. Not from IDB“, he said.

Chairman of Auction in this project, Adnan, said that he optimistic if the construction of building will be finished in fourteen months.

“We have analyzed appropriately through planner team, but nevertheless it might be many interference of natural condition such as rain”, Adnan explained.

Besides that, to anticipate delaying construction of eight new buildings, Adnan confessed, he himself will watch intensely on construction every building on campus 3 UIN Walisongo.

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