UIN Walisongo Launching New Website

Semarang – Walisongo State Islamic University improves the quality in the IT field by creating a new campus website. With a more attractive and beautiful look.

Walisongo website with link www.walisongo.ac.id was inaugurated by Rector Prof. Dr. Muhibbin MAg after the ceremony of Hari Amal Bakti (HAB) 72th ministry of religion of the republic of Indonesia on Wednesday, (03/1) in field of campus 1.

Prof Muhibbin appealed to all academic community to see the website of their own institution. It aims to increase the number of clicks so that the campus ranking can be good.

“I hope the lecturers write articles to be published on the website. To increase the campus webometric ranking, “he said.

He added that every day is required to open the website even if only two or five minutes. This is a proof of love for own university.

In addition, UIN Walisongo also gave awards to the four heads of study programs that won the A grade, as well as 3 accredited UIN Walisongo journals BAN-PT. The three journals are Nadwa Sofa Muthohar Journal, Al-Ahkam Journal, and Sawwa Journal.

Serving the People

Previously, the Rector read the opening speech of the Minister of Religious Affairs which affirmed that ASN Ministry of Religious Affairs works to serve the people by using the means and budget which is the right of the people.

“ASN Ministry of Religious Affairs is not only absorbing the budget optimally every year. Budget absorption must be harmonized with the interests and needs of the community so that the benefits are optimal, “he said.

On the other hand, ASN also have to be innovative to make our institution feel the present, do not be considered like old machine which obsolete. Therefore, I hope this year all services in central and regional have been done digitally and integrated in One Stop Integrated Service System (PTSP) as implementation of e-Government.

The 72rd HAB series Ministry of Religious Affairs was held by Tahtimul Quran, Healthy Walk, and Karaoke Competition.

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