Semarang – To answer students’ concern about the student obligation to become National Health Insurance (JKN) participant, Thursday (04/1), UIN Walisongo Leaders invited all parties to technical explanation of the matter. The meeting held at 3rd floor of UIN Walisongo Rectorate Building was attended by Vice Rector II, Vice Rector III, Vice Deans III, Heads of Bureaus, DEMA, SEMA and student press institutions at university and faculty level.

Head of BPJS Branch of Semarang, Bimantoro explained that the obligation of the whole community to participate in the JKN program, including students. Bima added that as a national program, JKN has been applied to several universities in Semarang such as UNDIP, UNNES, Poltekkes and AKPOL, while UIN Semarang is late in responding to this policy.

The dialogue began to run interactively when the student represented by the Chairman of Dema, Syarifudin Fahmi, conveyed the objection to the JKN program that required for UIN Walisongo students. He reasoned that not all students and their families were able to pay monthly dues BPJS, plus the complexity of moving the faskes from the area of ​​origin to UIN Walisongo Polyclinic. In addition, the service of UIN Walisongo Polyclinic which has not been maximal also the reason for student’s rejection. Students also want a massive socialization so that all know the policy of the Rector, he added.

Responding to this, Bimantoro explained that for families with economic difficulties, they can propose an existing fee-sharing program (PBI) in each district / city. People who are poor can register in every social service or health office in the area of ​​origin by bringing the introduction from the village. For those already enrolled in this PBI program, the cost of BPJS will be paid through APBD in each region. To move faskes now is also much easier because it can be done through online or JKN mobile apps.

Vice Rector II, Imam Taufiq, explained that the Rector Decree No. 389 of 2017 on JKN Participation For UIN Walisongo Students is a form of campus commitment to the success of the national program. Taufiq added that the problems that may arise from the implementation of the policy can actually be solved well in academic and legal corridors.

As known, the period in which students can see the value and print of HSS begins on January 9, 2018, with each student before reporting JKN membership data through http://akademik.walisongo.ac.id page by logging through the account owned, starting on 8 to 26rd of January, 2018.

Therefore, to all students to utilize the time set for the fulfillment of the requirement of the Judicial Commission, one of which attach a copy of JKN membership. In the event of a student situation that does not have JKN membership until the deadline set, the student is required to download and fill in the available form of ability and upload it back in the system.

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