UIN Walisongo Received the Visitation of UIN Raden Intan

UIN Walisongo Semarang received the visitation of lecturer and student of Islamic Religious Education Program of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty of UIN Raden Intan Lampung on Monday (22/1) in Hall I of Campus I UIN Walisongo Semarang.

Rector of UIN Walisongo Semarang, Prof. Dr. Muhibbin MAg warmly welcomed the arrival of the entourage from UIN Raden Intan Lampung. He conveyed his welcome to the city of
Semarang especially in UIN Walisongo Semarang.

“Welcome to the city of Semarang and in UIN Walisongo in particular. Please to explore what on this Campus is, I hope the visitation can be a media to learn and share knowledge and experience between UIN Walisongo and UIN Raden Intan. I also thank you for this silaturrahmi, may be useful for us all “, he said.

The visitation is in the framework of Field Work Lecture (KKL) about 250 students of Islamic Religious Education Program of UIN Raden Intan Lampung, especially to provide experience about the learning process directly.

“We intend this visitation to give insight and values ​​which had by UIN Walisongo Semarang to our students and also to enrich the repertoire of their knowledge. In addition, this activity also intends to
establish a relationship of education with UIN Walisongo Semarang “, said Dr. Imam Syafe’i
MAg, Head Department of Islamic Religious Education UIN Raden Intan Lampung.

To further explore the technical implementation, after being welcomed in Hall I, the student
group headed to Microteaching Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty Laboratory, Information Technology and Database Center (PTIPD), Library and Ma’had Al Jami’ah to continue their journey.

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