UIN Walisongo Held Training and Adviser Certification of Hajj and Umroh

Faculty of Da’wah and Communications of Walisongo State Islamic University of Semarang in cooperation with the Association of Bina Haji and Umroh Nahdlatul Ulama (ASBIHU NU) held Training and Adviser Certification of Hajj and Umroh on Tuesday (23/01), at Convention Hall UTC Hotel Jln. Kelud Raya No 2, Gajahmungkur, Semarang City.

The cooperation in training and Adviser certification of hajj and Umroh is the implementation of cooperation between UIN Walisongo Semarang with ASBIHU whose memorandum of understanding was signed in early 2017. The activity was intended to provide quality standard for prospective adviser of Hajj and Umroh.

The Rector of Walisongo State Islamic University of Semarang, Prof. Dr. H Muhibbin MAg in his speech conveyed the importance of certification and administrative requirements for Hajj and Umroh adviser.

“Certification and administrative procedures are important, although all advisers are believed to be competent in religious matters,” he said.

“So the participants must follow the certification of professional Hajj adviser from start to finish,” Muhibbin said.

Furthermore, the Rector also hoped to the speakers on the training methodology. “Later in this training will take precedence in the form of application and discussion only. Known the participants are people who have competence in the religious knowledge, I also hope all participants can graduate with good quality and knowledge” he added.

He also hoped in the implementation of this event all participants can graduate with good quality and knowledge.

Chairman of the Central Executive of Association of Bina Haji and Umroh Nahdlatul Ulama, KH Musthofa Aqil Siradj, in his speech revealed various problems that occur in the field during the implementation of Hajj and Umroh. The diversity of educational, socio-cultural background and the experience of the jama’ah make the various possible emergences of unique and different problems.

“The duty of the trainees who are mostly considered as religious leaders is to guide the Hajj in order to perform the Hajj properly and correctly in accordance with the terms and its pillar. More than that keeping the amaliah and aqidah of the Hajj are also an important thing to note “, he said.

The event was officially opened by the Director General of Hajj and Umrah of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. H Nizar Ali MA. He also explained about the importance of certification for hajj and umroh adviser, as a form of legality of mentor. This event would be held for 8 days by presenting speakers from UIN Walisongo Semarang academicians and professional practitioners who are competent in their field.

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