UIN Walisongo Semarang opens SNMPTN-SBMPTN Line Registration

The Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) officially launched the National Selection of State University Entrance (SNMPTN) and Joint Selection of State Universities (SBMPTN) in 2018 in mid-January.

Each state or private high school (SMA/MA/SMK) is entitled to enroll its students to participate in SNMPTN on the condition that the school has a National School Principal Number (NPSN) identity and fill in student achievement data in School Database and Student (PDSS). SNMPTN is a national selection pattern based on academic achievement, using the report card and other achievements, adjusted to the value of the accreditation of the school and free of charge.

Requirements for students who are interested to follow SNMPTN selection are those who get the best ranking in school with provisions based on the school’s accreditation. The accreditation percentage is accreditation A, 50% best in his school, accreditation B, 30% best in his school, accreditation C, 10% best in his school and other accreditation 5% also best in his school.

The next requirement is to have a National Student Identity Number (NISN) and enroll in PDSS), for SMA/MA/SMK student having the best report cards from semesters one to five, and for SMK having the best reporting grades from semester one to seven, has been loaded in PDSS.

The SNMPTN 2018 schedule is filling and verifying PDSS 13rd Jan-10rd Feb, registration 21rd Feb-06rd March, announcement of selection result is on 17rd April, and re-registration of participant who passed PTN dated 08 May 2018.

While the SBMPTN line, which is a selection based on written exam results with the method of Print Based Writing Exam (UTBC) or Computer Based Writing Exam (UTBK), registration will commence on 05rd April-27rd April 2018, the implementation of UTBC and UTBK exam on 08rd May 2018, skills on 09rd and or 11rd May 2018, while the graduation announcement is on 03rd July 2018.

Regarding the allocation of 100% capacity for each PTN study program, the distribution, SNMPTN is at least 30%, SBMPTN at least 30%, Maximum Independent Selection at 30%.

This year UIN Walisongo opened 9 courses that can be entered through the SNMPTN and SBMPTN lines, namely Sociology, Political Science, Nutrition, Psychology, Mathematics, Physical Chemistry, Biology and Law Sciences. Total quota for the 9 courses is 720 prospective students.

For more information about SNMPTN, please visit //www.snmptn.ac.id or //halo.snmptn.ac.id page. Can also phone call center at 0804-1-450-450.

As for information about SBMPTN can visit the page //sbmptn.ac.id and //halo.sbmptn.ac.id, or call the call center at number 0804-1-456-456. (lrf)

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