Why study at UIN Walisongo?

UIN Walisongo has become one of the best universities in PTKIN Indonesia. We have a different standard of education and we always give the best service to our students.

In UIN Walisongo, we value outstanding students and individual potency. we believe that giving a chance for those people is an honor and virtue for us. That’s why we give scholarships to those who deserve it, such as BIDIKMISI scholarship, Tahfidz scholarship, and etc.

We have vision to realize this university becomes the Leading Research Islamic University based on Unity of Science for Humanity and Civilization in 2038. That’s why we invite widely young people to join us to make it come true.

To always keep the comforts of our students, we provide new buildings; library building and laboratory to make sure our students get the best learning environment. we don’t want to hinder their potential development because of inadequate facilities. Therefore, we concern on it.

Make your wonderful once lifetime study here. UIN Walisongo this year will open many registration lines for prospective new students. See more information in the link below.

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