Gus Muwafiq Gave Halal Bi Halal’s Lecture in UIN Walisongo

Semarang – Gus muwafiq

from Jogjakarta KH Ahmad Muwafiq conveyed tausiyah about Islam Nusantara and history of walisongo which spreading Islam in the archipelago in UIN Walisongo, the event was carried out in the framework of halal bi halal big family UIN Walisongo Semarang.

Gus muwafiq said that for a month Allah had given a remarkable lesson that is fasting. This lesson is also done by people before Muhammad. Fasting occupies the most important rank in worship to Allah.

“The prophets, the guardians to reach their endeavor by fasting, sunan Kalijaga fasting by ascetic for 3 years around the River. Our ancestors made the fast as great superb weapon”, he said.

After a month of fasting, then we all get the title of piety that means become clean by forgiveness from Allah SWT.

Rector of UIN Walisongo, Prof. Dr. H Muhibbin MAg delivered in his speech, UIN Walisongo always made it as culture in every halal bi halal event, giving prayer to Walisongo, the founders and all people who render to UIN Walisongo Semarang.

On behalf of the rector of UIN Walisongo we congratulate Happy Eid Mubarak 1438 H, apologize and unseen, when we give the mistake and unsatisfying services to students, otherwise we have forgiven everyone’s mistake.

He thanked all the presenters, UIN Walisongo’s founders, the partners of UIN Walisongo. ”We want  to get prayers more and more for UIN Walisongo so that it can be as long as better, while maintaining moral value taught by Rosulillah, both to lecturer and student and all academic communities in UIN Walisongo”,  he said.

By the prayers of UIN elders, this campus can run well, so later in 2038 UIN Walisongo become a leading research university based on science for humanity and civilization.

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