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Vision, Mission and Objectives



Leading Islamic University Research Based on Unity of Science for Humanity and Civilization in the Year 2038


  1. Education and the teaching of science and technology based on the unity of science to produce professional graduates and morals al-karimah;
  2. Improving the quality of research for the sake of Islam, science and society;
  3. Organizing devotion is beneficial for community development;
  4. Explore, develop and implement the values of local wisdom;
  5. Develop cooperation with various institutions in the scale of regional, national, and international;
  6. Realizing governance of international standard professional institutions.



  1. Giving birth graduates who have academic, professional and moral capacity who are able to apply and develop unity of knowledge;
  2. Produce research work that is useful for the interests of Islam, science and society.
  3. Producing service works that are useful for community development.
  4. Realizing the internalization of local wisdom values in Tridharma tertiary institutions.
  5. Obtain positive and productive results from cooperation with various institutions on a regional, national and international scale.
  6. The birth of professional education with international standards